Dental Implants in Dublin, OH

Dental Implants

At Emerald Smiles, dental implants are a common and very effective treatment for patients who need tooth replacement for one or several teeth.

The implant itself is an artificial root that replaces the root of your missing tooth. A new tooth is fitted to the root to replace the lost one.

The process begins by surgically imbedding the implant, which is actually a biocompatible post, into the jawbone. After a few months, it will naturally attach to the bone. Once healed, the new tooth is fitted to the implant. Emerald Smiles takes every measure to ensure your comfort during the procedure. The result is a very strong, natural looking and functional tooth.

Dental implants can be used to support a number of procedures including:

  • Single tooth replacement or crowns
  • Multiple tooth replacement or bridges
  • Dentures

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